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DONNY:  Lousy knots, Hon!

Typical, tongue-in-cheek Troma film fare, this comic cult fave gives us a pack of rough 'n' tumble biker chicks who stop in the hick desert town of Zariah, only to find that some whacked-out scientist has been killing off the local townspeople and resurrecting them as zombies.  It's up to the Chopper Chicks, led by runaway housewife Dede (Jamie Rose) and bike dyke Mae (Martha Quinn) to square off with the undead.  Complicating matters: a school bus (loaded with blind kids) that has broken down just outside of town.  

What Billy Bob Gets To Do
Check out Billy Bob as Donny, the estranged, trailer-dwelling, but still hot-blooded husband of lead biker babe Dede.  Revel in Billy Bob's deadpan delivery of all the different types of deaths that have taken place in the last few months.  Don't miss the gratuitous aardvarking scene between Donny and Dede while MTV Veejay Martha Quinn yowls a ballsy blues rocker titled Do What Your Big Mama Told Ya

Oh, the Troma! We are still trying to confirm that legendary drive-in critic Joe Bob Briggs awarded Billy Bob a supporting actor accolade for this film (evidence can't be tracked down on Joe Bob's site).

Billy Bob, who only got a couple grand for this gig, was very amused when I told him about the fake interview with him on the DVD.  "It's you, but it's so not you," I told him.  "That's so funny!" he laughed.  At the 2004 Cannes Film Festival, Roger Ebert gave Billy Bob the same grief over the DVD during a televised interview.

Fantasporto (International Fantasy Film Special Jury Award, Dan Hoskins) - 1991 - Winner
Fantasporto (International Fantasy Film Award, Best Film, Dan Hoskins) - 1991 - Nomination

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It's on VHS, but the DVD cover now has Billy Bob's cc-whipped mug front and center on the cover. But wait, there's more! Billy Bob helps producer Lloyd Kaufman (the post-modern Roger Corman) introduce the disk! Well, actually, he doesn't, but they package this deception quite convincingly.   Lots more extras, too, including "Lloyd Kaufman teaches us how to Make Your Own Damn Movie!" and promises that "Love awaits in the Cannibal Lesbian Hoedown Easter Egg." Yahoo!

Video art credit:  © 1989 Troma Films

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