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I can't say I'm always proud of it, but we're in the music business.

Eric Stoltz plays Jesse Parrish, a cokehead drifter who lives on the fringes of Hollywood and makes off with the proceeds of a botched drug deal. The dealers, lead by the surly and headache-prone Marshall (Billy Bob), pursue Jesse back to his hometown of Galveston, Texas. Jesse reunites with his boyhood pals in the hopes that they can help him elude Marshall and his gang. As all the characters converge for a final showdown, a hurricane kicks in from the Gulf of Mexico to underscore the rage and turbulence of this violent tale of friendship and loyalty.

What Billy Bob Gets To Do
Suffering from alternating bouts of killer migraine and volcanic displays of violence, Marshall shares ONE FALSE MOVE's Ray Malcolm's penchant for snacking on cheese off the point of a very sharp knife.  When he isn't dealing drugs, Marshall excels at dealing pain, be it with with a knife, a pool cue, or the sharp toe of his cowboy boot.  Dig how Marshall pours on the charm to a little old lady (played by Ja'net DuBois) that he'd just as soon kill as pump for information. 

Tom Epperson and Billy Bob wrote this thriller, originally titled THE GULF, which debuted on HBO. Several of Billy Bob's recurring on-screen pals appear: Dwight Yoakam, Mickey Jones, Jim Metzler, as well as Peter Fonda, Annabeth Gish, John Corbett, M.C. Gainey, Josh Hamilton, and a terrific and tragic turn by Amanda Plummer.

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DON'T LOOK BACK is available on HBO Video VHS and DVD. The DVD menu screens are attractive (check out BBT's Marshall doing his own version of "point and click" on the subtitles menu), even if extras are limited to Cast and Crew Bios and whatnot.

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