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Nicholas Goodman

His Karl Childers is parodied.

Movie Quote
KARL:  Well, I like the way you dance, too.

Ol' Karl is trying to hook up with a pretty baby, SWINGERS-style, but his lack of social graces and that lawnmower blade keep potential dance partners from seeing how really money he is.

What Billy Bob Gets To Do
He gets to laugh, as do we all.


What better way to get your film seen by the right people than to make a parody of two of the most popular indie flicks of the day?  Chris Cox, Matt Sloan, and Darren Des Voigne wrote a fake movie trailer combining all quirks of SLING BLADE with all the jump jivin' fun of SWINGERS.  Chris Cox does an excellent take on Karl (you'd almost think it was Billy Bob--just look at the above picture), while Matt Sloan and Darren Des Voigne try to buck him up after a couple of dating disappointments. The writers and director Nicholas Goodman are still working (Chris Cox does a lot of STAR WARS-related work), and they followed up with another short titled E! True Hollywood Story: What Happened to the Swing Blade Guys?  We're still holding out for the full feature from this amusing, talented quartet. 

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It's available on the George Lucas in Love/The Media Trip Series DVD, along with the brilliant STAR WARS parody GEORGE LUCAS IN LOVE, EVIL HILL (showing Dr. Evil during his Hugh Grant period), and FILM CLUB (the first rule of Film Club is that there's no talking about Film Club).  It's also available as an extra on the SWINGERS Collector's Series DVD.

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