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Johnny Tyler

Movie Quote
JOHNNY TYLER:  Well, for a man that don't go heels, you run your mouth kinda reckless, don't you?


JOHNNY TYLER:  It's like I'm playin' cards with my brother's kids or somethin', you nerve-wrackin' sons-of-bitches!"
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The famous Earp Brothers come to Tombstone, Arizona, looking for a quiet place to settle down with their wives and make their fortunes.  Unfortunately, they lock horns with the violent Johnny Ringo and his ruthless, lawless gang.  The fabled showdown at the O.K. Corral is inevitable.  

What Billy Bob Gets To Do
Billy Bob appears as Johnny Tyler, the ill-tempered faro dealer at the Oriental gambling parlor who likes to bitchslap people around at the card table until Wyatt Earp (Kurt Russell) shows up to teach him a thing or two about manners.

One of the most popular westerns ever lensed, TOMBSTONE is a powerful argument for creating an Oscar for casting directors.  Who couldn't love a movie populated by the likes of  Kurt Russell, Sam Elliott, Bill Paxton, our Billy Bob, Stephen Lang, Michael Biehn, Powers Boothe, Dana Delaney, Cecil Hoffman, Charlton Heston, Jon Tenney, Jason Priestly, Thomas Haden Church, Joanna Pacula, Harry Carey, Jr., Joanna Pacula, Michael Rooker, John Corbett, Frank Stallone (yep!), Terry O'Quinn, Robert Mitchum (narrating), Billy Zane, and Val Kilmer in his finest performance as a most disarming Doc Holliday.  Even Wyatt Earp's actual, living fifth cousin, Wyatt, has a part! Writer Kevin Jarre's dialogue is so witty that it remains widely quoted.   And speaking of tombstones, the real Wyatt Earp and his wife Josephine remain laid to rest under a fine one in a cemetery in Colma, California (20 minutes south of San Francisco).

Awards (for TOMBSTONE)
MTV Movie Award (Best Male Performance, Val Kilmer) - 1994 - Nomination
MTV Movie Award (Most Desirable Male, Val Kilmer) - 1994 - Nomination

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Related Merchandise
The soundtrack preserves Bruce Broughton's score and is Amazon's #5 bestseller in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho.  No, we here at Billybobapalooza do NOT make this stuff up.

Well, lookee here, just got our copy of the new, two-disk Vista version of the DVD from Touchstone, which is chock-full o' extras (story boards, a period newspaper) and just beautifully packaged. To savor this national treasure, widescreen is the only way to go!  Put the puppy in your computer, and you can play the Faro card game (with TOMBSTONE trivia tidbits) that Johnny Tyler dealt at the Oriental.  There's also a map of the town and gorgeous graphics galore.  I tell ya, it's these little touches that matter.

Photo credit:  © 1993 Touchstone Pictures

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