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LONNIE EARL:  Yeah, ya just pile it on up here. Ole Lonnie Earl's got plenty of money. Yeah, I'm Mister Deep Pockets.  Go ahead, Roy, put it on up here. Anybody else in here want me to buy them something?
(Submitted by fan Howard Davenport--thanks, Howard!)

LONNIE EARL:  I'm not clean.  I'm Zestfully clean!

This is the tale of faithless SUV dealer Lonnie Earl (our boy Billy), a man given to snappy Nudie's-style threads, showy personal gestures, and sexual frustration because things just ain't right between him and his lovely wife Darlene (Natasha Richardson). Lonnie starts fooling around with Candy (Charlize Theron), the wife of his best friend Roy (Patrick Swayze), who are trying to get pregnant. Yep, you can see where this one's going . . . it's going to Reno for a monster truck show! Packed into one of Lonnie Earl's brand-new, tricked-out, custom SUVs, the two couples hit the road, where along the way they tackle the world's largest steak, collectible shot glasses, the music of Tony Orlando, gaudy honeymoon suites, comic marital revelations, and other sights found only in America. 

What Billy Bob Gets To Do
He gets to gorge on a huge steak, indulge in a luxury suite, visit the Price Club, and knock boots on screen with recent Oscar® winner Charlize Theron (looking far more fetching than she did in MONSTER).  He also seems to pick up the tab a lot in this film.

What would a cross-country road trip with Billy Bob be like? Well, in real life, we know for a fact that Billy Bob carts crates full of bottled water in the back seat with him, and that he likes to do the driving, because, behind the wheel, he is the master of space and time. Other than that, we leave it to WAKING UP IN RENO to fill in the blanks. Look for a cameo by screenwriter and frequent Billy Bob acting compadre Brent Briscoe as the local heat, as well as quick appearances by Penelope Cruz and Tony Orlando (sans Dawn).  By the way, some uncredited stunt driving in the film is performed by none other than BBT stand-in and beloved Planeteer Eddie DeVerna!

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Visit the Big Texan Resort and view the 72 oz. steak that nearly did in Lonnie Earl!
Do you collect shotglasses like Darlene Dodd? Click here, die, and go to Heaven!

It's on DVD and VHS from Miramax and includes deleted scenes, a "making of" short, and commentary by director Jordan Brady and writers Brent Briscoe (yay!) and Mark Fauser. The only thing missing a coupon good for $2.00 off a big-ass steak and a souvenir shotglass. 

Photo credit:  © 2001 Miramax Films

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