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TV News

FARGO Wins the Emmy for Best Miniseries!
It's Billy Bob's FIRST Emmy Nomination!
Best Actor in a Movie/Miniseries
(which went to the cute guy who
plays Sherlock Holmes, and we congratulate him)

Anyone who watched FARGO knew this was a fait accomplit. Still, it's the sweetest thing for our hero to be recognized for his most chilling, compelling, hilarious, riveting, and wind-blown work yet. Planeteers and fans of good TV everywhere are thrilled.

Billy Bob Thornton Wins for FARGO!
Billy Bob Thornton
Winner! 2014 Critics Choice Television Award
Best Actor in a Mini-Series for FARGO!

FARGO on Facebook.

Cameron Diaz, Billy Bob Thornton, Billy Bob Thornton

And peace out, with love, to Robin Williams.

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