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Welcome to The Cave!  Billy Bob's Home Recording Studio

Yes, it's haunted, and yes, it has secret passages that wind beneath Beverly Hills all the way to the border with West Hollywood.  The Cave used to be a speakeasy during the Roaring '20s.  Now, it's a cozy recording studio, built originally by Slash of Velvet Revolver when he, Mrs. Slash, and several snakes lived in the house (which was also owned by Cecil B. DeMille, among others).  Now that the snakes are gone, it serves as Billy Bob's home away from home within his home.  Sanctuary for Billy Bob's restless creativity, this recording studio has hosted some of rock, blues, pop, and country's finest talents, as well as that now-famous spirit. 

Here are some of the Cave's high-tech specs (thank you, because BBT's webchicks are NOT gearheads):

Guitars & Amps:
Ampeg, Danelectroc, Fender, Gibson, Marshall, Martin, Vox 
Drums:  Gretch, Mapex, Pearl (custom kits!)
Keyboards:  Hammond B3, Wurlitzer Piano

Recording Equipment
Console:  Customized Trident Series 80B (featuring 56 channels of Uptown Automatic, Mackie 24x8)
Monitors:  Genelec 1031A, Tannoy FSM, Yamaha NS10
Amplifiers:  Yamaha PM4002
Recorders: Fostex CR 300 CD recorder, iZ Technologies RADAR 24 (24-bit 96khz converters), Panasonic SV3800 and SV3700 
Effects:  Eventide H 3500 and H 3000, Sony R7 and D7, Yamaha SPX 9011
Outboard:  DBX 160, 160XT, UREI 1176LN, Avalon AD2044, VT747SP 2055, API 525 and 560, Empirical Labs Distressors, Drawmer DS201
Microphone Preamps:  Neve 1073, Avalon AD2022 and VT737, API 312
Microphones:  AKG, Audio-Technica, Neumann, Sennheiser, Shure
Samplers/MIDI:  Alesis D4 (webchicks have figured out that this is a drum machine), Voce DM1-64MKII, San Amp PSA-1, Antares Auto Tune ATR-1

The soundboard console in the control room sports lava lamps, stickers, and bobble head figures, which fans may recognize as stage decor from Billy Bob's many concert performances.

The walls are adorned with vintage concert posters as well as dozens of photos of the many recording artists with whom Billy Bob has worked, including Johnny Cash, Marty Stuart, Daniel Lanois, Warren Zevon, Jackson Browne, Dwight Yoakam, and Styx.

The Ventures signed this drum head for Billy Bob after recording on several tracks from his upcoming album, HOBO.

Non-gearhead webmistresses Sage (in the red on the left) and Amélie (in pale green at right) flank Billy Bob and his new daughter Bella inside the recording booth.  Bella declined to sing a few notes into the mike.

The guiding spirit of the cave is none other than Warren Zevon, seen in the photo on the control board maybe or maybe not playing a trumpet.  In 2003, Zevon recorded his cover of Bob Dylan's Knockin' on Heaven's Door here.  You can hear the results on his Grammy-winning album The Wind.

This poster hangs in the recording booth area.  Nothing but the best for Billy Bob, who officially endorses Klipsch speakers.  Want a nice copy of this poster to grace your own haunted underground recording studio?  You can print out the Adobe Acrobat file from Klipsch!


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