Billy Bob Thornton Contact FAQs


1.         Can I send Billy Bob an e-mail, and could he e-mail me back?

Billy Bob Thornton does not receive e-mail, nor does he send e-mail.  He does not have an e-mail account.

2.         How can I send Billy Bob a message that I know he’ll read?

If you want to leave a personal greeting for Billy Bob, please visit our MySpace page. We print out the messages every 6-8 weeks and present them to Billy Bob. He enjoys reading them and genuinely appreciates hearing from his fans!  Your postings mean a lot to him. This is your best way to give Billy Bob a holler!

3.         What if I want to send Billy Bob a letter?

As for traditional fan mail (aka snail mail), you can write to Billy Bob at the following address. Please bear in mind that he is unspeakably busy with a variety of projects and does not have time to read lengthy letters. You can write to him at:  

Mr. Billy Bob Thornton
c/o Mr. Geyer Kosinski
955 So. Carrillo Drive, Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90048

4.         I have a great script/story idea/book that I know Billy Bob will just love!  How can I get it to him?

Please do not send unsolicited scripts, movie project outlines, demo tapes, audition tapes, books (novels, biographies, histories), or other intellectual property to us or to Billy Bob at any of these contact addresses.   We cannot review them, and we will, as a matter of policy to protect all parties concerned (including you), return them unread/unheard/unviewed.  Unfortunately, in order to protect the inquiring writers as well as studios and production companies and talents, it is standard operating procedure in the motion picture and television industry to not accept unsolicited work.  Understand that it’s not that Billy Bob doesn’t want to read your script; it’s that he simply does not have time, given the heavy demands for his work as an actor, writer, singer, and director.

5.                  Billy Bob is coming to my town, and my paper/TV/radio station would like an interview with him.  How can we request for an interview?

If you are a journalist/member of the media requesting an interview with Billy Bob, you may contact his publicist, Arnold Robinson.  That info is:

Mr. Arnold Robinson
Rogers & Cowan/Weber Shandwick
1888 Century Park East, Suite 500
Los Angeles, CA 90067-1709

6.         I'm an interviewer.  Can you give me a comment about a story we plan to run on Billy Bob?

We here at Billybobapalooza and Planet Billy Bob do not comment to the press as a matter of policy and direct you to contact Mr. Robinson (see above) if you have questions or seek comments.

7.                  We’d like to book Billy Bob’s band for our next major fundraiser.  How do we get hold of them?

To inquire about Billy Bob Thornton's availability for bookings, you may contact:


Mr. John Huie

Creative Artists Agency

3310 West End Avenue

Nashville, TN 37203


8.                  Is there a Billy Bob Thornton fan club I can contact and join?

Planet Billy Bob is the official newsgroup of Billy Bob Thornton Fans, and membership is free!  Please click here to learn more.

9.         Where can I get a photo of Billy Bob?

We do not have signed photos of Billy Bob, nor do we offer them.  BUT . . .

. . . if you want a free, unsigned photo of Billy Bob, we possess hundreds of black and white glossy photos of Billy Bob (with Matt Damon and Henry Thomas) from ALL THE PRETTY HORSES (thank you, Carlye!) and several hundred black and white glossy headshots of Billy Bob from MONSTER'S BALL (thank you, Neil!). These are unsigned, but they're sure purty. We also have some full-color ARMAGEDDON programs from the press screenings, and we will gladly give you one of each of these fine items.   

Send us a SELF-ADDRESSED, STAMPED RETURN ENVELOPE big enough to hold an 8x10 photo, and we'll mail the envelope back to you with a picture.  We recommend you put enough return postage on it to get it back to you safely and that you include, if possible, a piece of cardboard to protect the pictures.  We do have cardboard if you don’t, and we do stamp DO NOT BEND on the envelopes.  Send your pre-posted envelopes to:   

Planet Billy Bob
17216 Saticoy Street, Suite 378
Lake Balboa, CA 91406

10.       If I have a technical question about the site, who is the webmaster?

That would be Amélie, who is the Planet Billy Bob Webmistress!!!!.

11.       What if none of my questions can be answered by these resources?

Try Amélie. She's a nice gal, even when typing about herself in the third person.

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