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Ever wished you could see Billy Bob's tattoos up close and personal? So close you could read between the lines? Yeah, us too. Well, wish no more because righthere, right now, we showcase EVERY one of Billy's tattoos, along with commentary from Hisfineself about what they mean. These  photos are EXCLUSIVE to, directly from Billy Bob (and Billy Bob's really nice kitchen, where we shot the pix) to YOU.  Click on the photo or the link to see a larger image.

tattoo 1st billy heart.jpg (43539 bytes)

Billy's Heart   
This is Billy Bob's very first tattoo, which he picked off a wall of flash (examples of the tattoo artist's work) in Dave Yehew's parlor in Houston, TX.  What to put on a boy's very first tattoo?  Well, his name, of course.  Inked in 1973, it is somewhat faded.  Located on his right arm at the outer forearm.

Nothin' Doin'  
Back in 1974, when Billy Bob was just setting out with the Shipp Brothers in their first band, Nothin' Doin', Billy Bob celebrated the occasion with this little heart and arrow combination.  The artist is unknown.  Located on the left arm, mid-to-upper bicep (just below the Leo tattoo and above the Sacred Ohm tattoo).
tattoo rose.jpg (43588 bytes) The Rose Tattoo  
This red rose is a cover up.  Billy Bob "got it for a Mexican girl" in 1977 in San Diego, CA.  "Someone else made me cover it up," he commented.   Located on his left arm, at the top of the forearm (below the Peace Angel tattoo).
tattoo leo.jpg (31966 bytes) Leo  
Leo is Billy Bob's astrological sign.  Inked at some point in the mid-1970s. Artist is unknown.  Located on Billy Bob's left arm, upper bicep at the top (right above the Nothin' Doin' tattoo).
tattoo celtic cross.jpg (42637 bytes) Celtic Cross  
Daemon Rowanchilde of Urban Primitive Tattoo in Toronto, Canada, is Billy Bob's favorite tattoo artist, renown for his "energy waves" and bold, tribal lines.  This tribal Celtic Cross is a cover-up Billy Bob got during the 1998 shoot for PUSHING TIN.  Located on his right arm, upper bicep (beneath the Lotus tattoo).
tattoo lotus.jpg (43771 bytes) Lotus  
Billy Bob found the design for this lotus flower with a blue pearl center while browsing through a book about a yellow rose named the "Fantasia" (the name of Cynda Williams' character in ONE FALSE MOVE). The flower is a Buddhist symbol, inscribed in 1998 by Daemon Rowanchilde in Toronto.  Located on his right arm, upper bicep at the top (above the Celtic Cross tattoo). 
tattoo loin tribal.jpg (58680 bytes) Tribal Energy Waves  
This cover-up--a black tribal abstract with a feather--Billy Bob got from Daemon Rowanchilde in Toronto in 1998 during the shoot of PUSHING TIN.  It is located on his right hip.
tattoo ohm.jpg (19283 bytes) Sacred Ohm  
Another of Daemon Rowanchilde's tattoos (he has done five for Billy Bob--thus far), this is another design that Billy Bob found in a book.  It is a symbol for God, inked around 1999.  Located on Billy Bob's left arm, mid-bicep (beneath the Nothin' Doin' tattoo).
tattoo magic mushroom.jpg (56233 bytes) Magic Mushroom  
A tribute to Angelina Jolie etched in 2000 at Sunset Tattoo in Los Angeles, CA, the design references the Allman Brothers, Billy Bob's favorite band.  All of the members of the Allman Brothers have mushroom tattoos from the Eat a Peach album.  "It's a crew thing," Billy Bob noted.  Located on his right calf.
tattoo cryptic line.jpg (38571 bytes) He'll Never Tell  
This abstract line intersection four shorter lines and a curve was skin-scripted in 2001 by a female artist in Kenner, LA during the shoot for MONSTER'S BALL.  Billy Bob says it's a "secret for two people."  Located on his right arm, mid-inner forearm.
tattoo back family.jpg (31998 bytes) Family  
Billy Bob says this was the most physically painful tattoo he ever got (six hours, starting from midnight, and right over the kidneys!), etched by his go-to artist Daemon Rowanchilde in 2002.  Daemon and his wife Raven flew out to the set of LEVITY in Montreal to inscribe the names of Billy Bob's sons--Willie, Harry, and Maddox--interwoven with his name and Angelina's--all in the shape of an eagle in flight.  Billy Bob states that this is, by far, his favorite tattoo, along with the Alamo (see below) and the Lotus (see above).  Located on his lower back.
tattoo angelsm.jpg (7573 bytes) Peace Angel  
Billy Bob said in a recent interview with AP Radio, "See the `A' right there? That's where it said `Angelina.' And those are the four blood drops that represent the two of us and my boys. I had it covered up with an angel and it says `Peace' right here. It's like, basically, my way of saying, `No hard feelings.'"  Inscribed by artist Kelly--who was a set painter on BAD SANTA-- in 2002 in Los Angeles, CA, it was done freehand.  Located on his left arm in the crook (above the Rose tattoo).  Owch!
tattoo alamo.jpg (44950 bytes) Remember the Alamo  
Billy Bob found a picture of the battle-tattered flag that flew in San Jacinto at the time of the fall of the Alamo.  San Jacinto is where Sam Houston soundly defeated General Santa Anna in reprisal for the massacre at the Alamo.  Accompanied by Kevin Page (who plays Micajah Autry in THE ALAMO), Robert Prentiss (who plays Albert Grimes in the film), and this site's webmaster Little Sister Sage, Billy Bob visited Austin tattoo artist Mike Terrell in April, 2003, to commemorate the finish of the shoot on THE ALAMO. Billy Bob, Robert, and Kevin all got matching flag tattoos inscribed "Remember the Alamo."  Sage got the same flag, but hers is inscribed Edge of the World in honor of Billy Bob's CD release. Located on Billy Bob's upper back, toward the right shoulder.  By the way, and for the record, Mike Terrill did not accidentally etch "Remembler the Alamo" on Kevin Page's flag--that's just a running joke between Kevin Page and Billy Bob started by none other than Sage's mischief-making husband, Dylan (we like to call him Old School).
Tattoo Constance.jpg (273129 bytes) Constance
Connie's got your back, Billy Bob!  Billy Bob declared his devotion to Connie Angland, the mother of his new baby girl Bella, in an elegant, Art Nouveau statement writ large along his spine in 2004.  Billy Bob is not into PCs and whatnot, but no doubt he put his love all in caps to give a shout out to his lady love.


tattoo michael paul.jpg (47399 bytes) Finally, credit where credit is due:  here is our photographer, Michael Paul, with Billy Bob in the stately Thornton kitchen!

And . . . imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so check out Canadian artist Jillian McDonald's take on our Tattoo Vault!  

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