Billy Bob's TV Series

HEARTS AFIRE (1992-1995)

Network:  CBS

Character:  Billy Bob Davis

In Washington, D.C., divorced dad John Hartman (John Ritter) assists a dithering, lecherous Southern Senator (played by George Gaynes).  The gaffe-prone senator needs a new press secretary, so Georgie Lahti (Markie Post), a glamorous TV journalist who has seen better days, shows up to take the job. Georgie couldn't be more of a polar opposite for John, but they fall head over heels in love, complicating the lives of John's two kids, his boyhood best buddy and fellow aide Billy Bob Davis (played by Billy Bob), Billy Bob's ambitious policy wonk wife Mavis (Wendie Jo Sperber), and all manner of relatives, coworkers, and government officials caught in the romantic crossfire.  

What Billy Bob Gets To Do
He gets to do a successful sitcom for three years, earning the accolade from TV Guide that he can read a phone bill out loud and make it sound funny.

Developed by Hollywood/D.C. power couple Harry Thomason and Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, HEARTS AFIRE was their follow-up to their successful series DESIGNING WOMEN and EVENING SHADE.  Billy Bob appeared in a pair of EVENING SHADE episodes, delivering the kind of memorable appearances that eventually inspired the Thomasons (fellow Arkansans) to cast him in HEARTS AFIRE.   

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The entire series is now available on DVD from Image Entertainment.. Season One is a 4-DVD set, Season Two a 3-DVD set, and Season Three a 3-DVD Set. The first two seasons include bloopers and outtakes, while the third season includes the final, unaired episode.


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